Monday, February 7, 2011

Launch of exciting embroidery digitizing packages by EmbroideryDigitizing.Net

Digitizing a design is not same as it was two to three years ago, embroidery industry has been in a continue growth with technology and software being used for embroidery process to have top quality from digitizing a design to finished products. Today, embroidery industry require top quality as well as competitive prices due to the wide spread market of textile industry.

In embroidery industry, quality of digitized design plays important part for preparing final product. Digitizing is process of converting images or designs to readable format by machine embroidery software. For every embroidery company or embroiders, getting design digitized having top quality with affordable prices, is always been hard work.

Keeping in view of all these needs of embroiders; our company "Embroidery Digitizing Network (www.EmbroideryDigitizing.Net" is excited to launch of new affordable prices packages with free design offers! Embroidery Digitizing Network is group of expert digitizers which is committed to provide you quality work at affordable prices. Our new packages include $2/1000 stitches with exciting offer of free design up to 5000 stitches. We also provide 50% discount on first orders. We have reseller packages as well as heavy discount for regular clients!

Explaining the reason behind a whole new promotional campaign for all embroidery companies and embroiders, senior digitizer Mike said "Embroiders always looking for top quality in affordable prices, we all know that digitizing is too costly and some companies even charge $8 to $10 per 1000 stitches without having any advance samples of work, to solve this issue, our company came with free offer for first design as well new $2/1000 prices for all clients, We offer 50% discount on first time clients as well. This new promotional campaign will help embroiders to check quality of work in free or with minimum prices without spending much money as compared to other companies. So now it’s easy to request a quote & get a free sample of our digitizing work"

Embroidery Digitizing Network launched the digitizing services since 1998 and today our digitizing firm is world leader in serving clients from all over world with all types of machine formats!

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About Embroidery Digitizing Network is providing professional custom embroidery digitizing services, vector services, embroidery designs for caps, hats, shirts and jackets custom logos digitizing, artworks & graphics on all sorts of fabrics, textures, garment and apparels with team of skilled digitizers, designers, embroiderers and designers from the worlds finest textile and embroidery industry.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Define Embroidery

Embroidery is the art or handicraft of decorating fabric or other materials with designs stitched in strands of thread or yarn using a needle. Embroidery may also use other materials such as metal strips, pearls, beads, quills, and sequins. Sewing machines can be used to create machine embroidery.


All About Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery is a re-origination art on the woven fabrics, but it is not only augment of stitches and colors. It many produce a whole new sense, an art with woven, color and multiple stitches, certain outline and significance. Embroidery can invent arras, flower edge, pictures, theme, story and so on with stitches, scissors and printing fabric.

Finishing - Any of a number of procedures-thread trimming, removal of excess backing or topping, spot or soil removal or steaming to remove hoop marks-that are performed between completion of embroidery and packaging for customer.

Flagging - As needle moves up and down, substrate may also move up and down against the machine bed (resembling a waving flag), causing birdnesting and poor design registration; typically due to poor presser-foot adjustment or improperly stabilized fabric.

Hook or rotary hook - A circular device which spins around the bobbin case with a pointed arm protruding from its body-the hook; is instrumental, in concert with the needle and upper thread, in forming stitches.

Professional custom embroidery digitizing, embroidery designs, customized logo digitizing and artworks for all kind of fabrics, textures and apparel by experienced designers, embroiderers, digitizer from textile and embroidery industry. We possess latest in digitizing technology and equipments with the proven skills of accomplished commercial artists, designers, digitizer, embroiderers which provides the highest quality designs and embroidery digitizing in the industry. We committed to delivering high quality embroidery digitizing services tailored to meet your needs at low cost